What Gives?

Are there really that many more people writing and trying to publish now than in recent history? I don’t know. And, to go a step further, I don’t think it matters much.

Admittedly, I’m a neophyte. Everything in the world of indie lit seems so new & exciting. Folks pursuing passions while others are mired in the frustration of unrealized expectations. It, to me, is all so wonderfully fascinating. The postulations of the demise of indie lit based on poorly written and/or published works are particularly amusing. I’m not sure where my work fits into this grand scheme. I can only hope that it exists somewhere between the ‘fantastic’ and the ‘not so much so.’

Into whichever category I am placed, this much I know: without good there is no bad. So either way, I find solace in the notion that I have contributed to the cause.

By Devlon E Waddell

If I can't google it, it doesn't exist

Seemingly a bit far-fetched, this expression was shared with me during a conversation about the use of ’social media.’ And, while it isn’t a completely accurate statement; it does hold a certain merit.

Maybe it’s an affect of my age, but it seems a relatively large number of friends and acquaintances have been moved by the entrepreneurial spirit. And, while some have taken full advantage of the available technology, others are woefully behind. I can posit a few reasons for this:

1. He/she does not understand the technology itself, and/or the value of its effective use.
2. He/she cannot foresee the return for such an investment of time and resources.
3. He/she overestimates the ‘presence’ of his/her brand.

For whichever may be true, I’m learning that it is exceedingly important for one to be fastidious about his approach to managing his professional image. And, it happens that most of that work can be done fairly easily–once we come to terms with the harsh reality of our own ‘google-ability’.

By Devlon E Waddell
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