Creepy Castle is a web-based slot game.

Creepy Castle is a fun and engaging 3D video slot that, despite its name, has some endearing creatures who make spooky noises in the night. Monsters, Inc. served as an influence for the character design and bubblegum aesthetic used by the developer NextGen, which resulted in the game’s horrific and spine-chilling castle being populated with monsters that were not quite as terrifying.

The colors of NextGen’s 2017 release leap out of the displays of mobile devices since the game was designed with mobile play in mind from the beginning. You may also play it on the standard desktop versions of the online casinos that are already some of your favorites. You are able to transition between the two, which means that you can keep exploring the Creepy Castle even while you are moving throughout the world.

Controls & Configuration for the Creepy Castle Slot

Even though NextGen has placed its spine-chilling slot in a haunted castle, the company designed it with the knowledge that players increasingly use mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Because Creepy Castle can be played on smart devices powered by both Android and iOS, you do not need to be at home in order to move the monsters around the reels of the slot machine.

The visual aesthetic of the game is one of its most appealing aspects, featuring a strange and amazing assortment of creatures to attempt to land, each of which has eyeballs, teeth, and tentacles. There is also a variety of classic card symbols, such as 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A. However, all of these traditional card symbols have been given the monster mash treatment and now include googly eyes and razor-sharp fangs. These conventional symbols are the ones that occur the most often and result in the lowest payouts, just like they do in other slot games. Provided you get a whole reel of 9s, you’ll win 20 times your original gamble, and getting the ‘A’ that looks like a cyclops will earn you 150 times your original bet—that is, if it doesn’t bite you first.

You may attempt to capture four different monsters, each with their own name: Ballie, Bato, Tally, and Squido. Each of them also comes with its own own unique Wild variation. The animal with the three eyes and the yellow fur has the potential to pay out 350 times the amount wagered if it appears on all five reels at the same time. They are not only shown on the reels, but they also surround the reel board and are positioned next to the slimy and sticky buttons. The coin bet and the bet per line are shown on the left-hand side of the screen, and on the right, there is a large green button that says “play” and a pink button that says “auto-play,” both of which allow the player to spin the reels automatically.

Playing the Creepy Castle Game and Accessing the Bonus Features

In addition, every one of the four distinct creatures that call Creepy Castle home comes with its own own Wild emblem. A puff of smoke may transform almost any of the standard icons into one of these variants. In the regular game, at any point during play, any one of these creatures, or all four of them, might change into their Wild counterpart. The Monster Wilds have the ability to take the place of any other symbol in the game, with the exception of the Castle emblem.

The logo for Creepy Castle is what the game refers to as the “Scatter” sign. You will be awarded between nine and fifteen additional free spins if you land three, four, or five of them anywhere on the reels. The number of free spins you get is determined by the number of scatter symbols that are present. During the free spins, you will also have the opportunity to unlock doors and uncover creatures that have been hidden. If you do locate one, the whole set of that player’s symbols will turn into Monster Wilds for the remainder of the Creepy Free Spins round.

In addition to the Monster Wilds, there is also a regular Wild sign in the game, which is represented by the word “Wild” written on a puddle of slime. The regular Wild is the highest-paying symbol, and if you get five of these on a payline, you will get a payout that is five hundred times your original stake.


It is less about sending chills down your spine and more about having fun with some friendly creatures in the dark and gloom of the Creepy Castle online slot game, which skilfully combines the cliches of the horror genre with a colorful slot game. The concept art for the animated images and characters has a genuine eye for detail, which is something that is sometimes absent in online video slots. Although the Monster Wilds and the additional features they provide should be sufficient for the majority of slot gamers, the game might have benefitted from an additional bonus round or two to keep the action moving along.