Overview of Mystic Spells Slot

Players, prepare your cauldrons as we explore magic, illusions, and spells. Fantasma Games, which makes Mystic Spells, is likely to know about the occult, esoteric, and secret side of existence. Bonus buys, two free spins rounds, increasing wild multipliers, and sticky wild symbols are taken from this hat like a rabbit. Given enough chemicals to stir the pot, what happens?

The Mystic Spells site first resembled a sanitized version of the home where Morpheus was called by an arcane ceremony in ‘The Sandman’ on Netflix. Some describe Mystic Spells as sanitised. It was fun to explore the game’s strange environment. It felt like a cautious explorer of the unknown exploring the esoteric side of life rather than a Lovecraftian maniac tearing at reality to see what’s on the other side before entities that weren’t meant to be in our realm break loose and send the dark arts practitioner into catatonia.

Playing Mystic Spells starts with a stake from 10 p/c to £/€100 every paid game round, which is probably good. This elegant setting houses Mystic Spells’ 5-reel, 5-row, 15-payline game grid. Three strategies exist for the game. First is single spin betting, then Feature Spin, and finally buying a bonus round. The RTP ranges from 96.01% to 96.22% for the Feature Spin and 96.18% or 96.26% for the Black Spell or Stucky Spell Free Spins purchase. In general, volatility is considerable.

Rocks with 10, J, Q, K, and A are Mystic Spells’ 5 low payments, followed by green and blue potion bottles as medium pays, and purple, yellow, and horned items as high pays. Hitting 5 matching low pays pays 1 times the stake, 5 medium pays 5 times, and 5 high pays 10 to 20 times. Mystic Spells has standard, Sticky Wild, and Black Spell wilds. All may replace for any pay sign, and 5 wild symbols pay 20x the stake.

Mystic Spells: Slot Features

Time to add the Black Spell sign, feature, Free Spins, Sticky Free Spins, Feature Spins, and bonus buys.

Black Spellmark

Black Spell symbols can occur on any reel and have random multipliers up to x100. Up to 3 can land simultaneously. Wild Black Symbols appear in the regular game and Black Spell Free Spins.

Features Black Spell

Black Spell symbols can cover a 3×3 grid area when they land. Black Spell symbols meet after expanding, multiplying their multiplier values. Wins with 2 or more non-merged Black Spell symbols utilize the highest multiplier.

Black Spell Free Spins

Look for the Black Key to enable this function. The 10 Black Spell Free Spins awarded by 3 black key scatters cannot be reactivated. This round is free but reveals nothing new.

Sticky Spell Free Spins

Three Golden Key icons in the basic game earn 10 Sticky Spell Free Spins. The win multiplier in this round grows by +1 for each winning symbol and does not reset until the feature ends. Symbols on multiple winning lines count as 1 for multiplier increment only. The multiplier grows after a winning spin. All wild symbols that land become Sticky Wilds and stay on the reels until the free spins complete. Retriggering this feature is impossible.

Feature Spin

Only the base game has the Feature Spin. A Black Spell symbol is guaranteed on every spin when triggered at 13 times the wager. Bonus features cannot be triggered during Feature Spin.

Buy Bonus

At the purchase bonus, players can buy 100x the bet Black Spell Free Spins or 200x the bet Sticky Spell Free Spins, which are highly volatile.

Mystic Spells Slot Review

If you can handle the theme’s light use, Mystic Spells contains several secrets. The light game may have had greater effect if the studio had been edgier. Compared to slots like True Kult or Blood and Shadow, which feel like they were designed by someone with a grimoire, Mystic Spells sometimes felt like Walt Disney’s idea. That probably sounded harsher than it was meant to because Mystic Spells still offered a mystery setting to experiment with magic.

Two bonus rounds, a Feature Spin, growing wild multipliers, and more are available in the game. Black Spell Free Spins were disappointing since nothing unusual was provided, while Sticky Spell Free Spins include two potentially effective components. In ELK Studios’ futuristic Propaganda slot, sticky wilds and a growing win multiplier fed by winning symbols worked well. Not a fan of Feature Spins because they block other bonuses, but they’re optional for magically inclined gamers. Mystic Spells has a 10,000x maximum win despite its peaceful, unassuming appearance. Players who XP up can win warlock-level.

Overall, Mystic Spells was a fun thaumaturgical slot. It resembled Remus Lupin more than Severus Snape. As such, it may lack bite if you want a slot that really blurs the line between reality and the hidden other side, yet the proper player can find miracles here.