Overview of the Slot Game featuring Royal Beasts

In Red Tiger’s medieval-themed slot Regal Beasts, players can swear allegiance to a house flag. Full line winning combinations can include as little as 5 symbols and as many as 15 symbols thanks to some sleight of hand. This Symbols Strength feature, along with Regal Wilds and Regal Spins, may not have much promise in the grand scheme of things, but full-screen winnings may be substantial if the stars align.

The heraldic background artwork of Regal Beasts is a nice complement to the 5-reel, 10-payline game area. Ribbons of blue and red, together with plenty of gold because Red Tiger loves their Au, decorate the garment. It’s a classic look that works well with Red Tiger’s royal motif. Going for the heraldic approach makes it difficult to ignore the strong Game of Thrones feeling present here. Medieval pageantry permeated Martin’s writings, linking entire communities to noble families and royal flags.

You may play Regal Beasts on any of your devices, and the game’s betting range is just 10 p/c to £/€40 each spin. If you look at the numbers, you could guess that this coat of arms wasn’t designed for a major kingdom but rather one of the smaller principalities. The volatility level is considered to be medium-high (4/5) and the RTP is set at 95.73%. The game’s potential makes it seem more like house Tarly than house Lannister, and we’ll discuss that at the conclusion.

Around the 12th century, heraldic iconography began to be widely used by the European aristocracy. It was soon adopted because even the most common nobility or aspiring lord would appear more impressive with the title. A proliferation of coats of arms followed, seemingly because eventually everyone above commoner status felt the need to have one. This is why you’ll see them displaying such bizarre images as unicorns, dodos, and people wearing snake neckties. The coats of arms in Regal Beasts by Red Tiger are approachable since they include familiar animals.

The four highest paying symbols are represented by the monsters mentioned in the title, so keep an eye out for lions, dragons, Cerberus, and eagles. The Symbol Strength feature makes expressing values a little more difficult than normal. Two to four times the initial investment might be expected from five premiums. However, achieving 15 of a kind raises the payout to between 80 and 160 times the original wager. The low cards at the table range from a ten to an ace.

Full screen victories are possible since symbols can land piled. The greatest payout for a full grid of single symbols is just 40x the bet, however symbols may be improved using the Symbol Strength feature, greatly increasing their worth. Single, double, and triple variations are all possible. Doubles are worth two symbols, triples are worth three, and so on. If you’re wondering if you need all three triple symbols to win on a payline, the answer is no.

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In addition to the symbol strength mechanism, the game has Regal Wilds in both the main and bonus game, as well as Regal Spins, which, when retriggered, may lead to some tense situations.

Keep an eye on the golden orb that appears under the reels during basic game play, as it can trigger at any time. When this happens, the hit frequency increases dramatically due to the addition of several Regal Wilds to the reels.

The scatter can appear as a single, double, or triple, just like ordinary symbols. Nine Regal Spins are rewarded for the equivalent of three single Scatters. More than three scatters awards an additional 3 bonus spins, up to a maximum of 45. At the initial activation, all single symbols will become doubles. If the Regal Re-Spins feature is used again, both regular and wild symbols are increased to three times their normal size. In addition, the golden orb is active during free spins, increasing the value of Regal Wilds by a minimum of two times.

Wild Beasts: Slot Machine Analysis

Red Tiger’s Regal Beasts is an eye-catching slot with a unique theme and some enjoyable extras. Even though triple symbols are less prevalent, NetEnt’s Flowers from 2013 proves that games with double symbols are nothing new. This implies that even getting just one triple symbol results in a payment, and getting several of them in a row is a rather fantastic experience. As the number of pictures increases, the transition from single to double to triple is also aesthetically pleasing. This crammed-in expansion of symbols is similar to Megaclusters, however toned-down.

When discussing maximum victory, however, Regal Beasts fails to provide. To the point that it will likely be a deal breaker for some gamers, especially the diehards. Modest victories characterize most stages of the game, with the exception of when you hit a run of triple enhanced symbols. Full screens may result in large wins in Regal Beasts, sometimes as much as 3,078x the wager if triple symbols light up the board. The payout for a triple premium grid increases from 800 to 1600 times the initial wager when this occurs. Wilds are worth considerably more (2,000x), but it seems quite improbable that you’ll ever get a whole screen of triple wilds. The occasional Regal Wild helps the base game until then, even if it still has trouble keeping up.

If you’re searching for a visually pleasing Red Tiger game with a unique Symbol Strength mechanic, go no farther than Regal Beasts. Even while the maximum payout is quite modest, a single spin can nevertheless yield substantial rewards, especially if the free spins feature is re-triggered.